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Developing the Dragon’s Breath Bar


Strong yet Gentle

The Dragon’s Breath Bar has the most sophisticated flavor profile of all our bars with a distinctively different start, middle and finish. Your first bite into the chocolate releases the crunch of the toasted sesame and is immediately followed by the smokiness of the lapsang souchang tea. The finish ends with a gentle punch of the red chili in the back of your throat. It usually catches first-timers off guard. The flavor profile of this bar are all warm flavors, which matches the name and the color of the wrapper.

Dragon's Breath Bar

Country of Inspiration: China

The Label: I was immediately drawn to the red lokta paper as it reminded me of chinese fire crackers. If I wrapped a bar in this red lokta paper, it would have to be a bar with some heat to it. Red also is an auspicious color for Chinese people. It is used in joyous occasions like marriage and parties for newborn babies. The mythical and benevolent Eastern dragon is much revered in Asian culture and should not be confused with Western dragons of medieval times. It is a divine animal and also an auspicious symbol like the color red. Dragons symbolizes power, strength, and good luck. It is strong, yet gentle. The image of the dragon below is used on the front and back of the label. This dragon is flying in the clouds.

Update: We entered the Dragon's Breath bar in the first Good Food Awards. It's an organization that awards American food producers who create and responsibly produce food products. The bar became a finalist in 2011.

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