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My Name Isn't Jade, But I'll Answer To It

When I initially meet people, every so often, they end the conversation with, ‘It’s nice meeting you Jade', or 'See you later, Jade.' If I’m doing a demo and it’s just too busy, they often slip away without me getting a chance to correct their error. Ah, better they remember ‘Jade’ than not, I suppose. If one were to type in ‘Mindy Chocolate’s’ in a google search, all is lost.

So why the name Jade Chocolates? There’s a few reasons. One, it sounds pretty cool. Two, it doesn’t sound trendy or new age like ‘Zen Chocolates’ or ‘Good Karma Confections’. There is an elegance to the name. Third, a jade necklace or bracelet is just about the first piece of jewerly given to a chinese baby girl. I remember my first piece of jewelry, given to me by my grandmother. It was a heart shaped green jade stone on a gold chain.

Here’s a photo of me in my Sunday best, proudly wearing my jade necklace. I’m probably about a year old in this ancient photo.

Jade has a very long tradition in the Chinese culture and is prized higher than gold or silver. It’s not just for ornamental purposes, it’s worn for good luck and is believed to have healing properties. In the Han Dynasty, emperors were buried in jade gowns. So pretty much jade is auspicious. Something everyone needs every now and then.

I thinks it’s fitting for my company to be named Jade, a reflection of my culture, with a little bit of good luck.

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