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Meeting Isabella Regusci in Napa, CA (Part 2)

As we approached the Regusci winery, passing the line of walnut and olive trees and tasting room, we came across the farm animals.

Immediately, we were approached by Isabella, the donkey. A very friendly animal. I could have stayed a few more hours just petting the animals, but we came to see the donkey’s namesake, Mrs. Regusci.

We went into a humble home and straight into the kitchen where Isabella Regusci was waiting for her honey buns to rise. She says she’s been cooking since she was 11. Mrs. Regusci welcomed us as if we were family, warm and kind hearted. But she swore like a sailor, which made for an entertaining morning. She’s a great lady, with a strong personality, full of humor and an attitude like no other grandma I know.

It wasn’t even noon and Isabella offered us wine. ‘When in Rome, you can’t say no to a glass of wine on a winery.” I had two glasses of wine along with those homemade honey buns that she made from scratch, and in a wood burning stove! She didn’t even use a timer to time the cooking. That’s what I call getting back to basics.

The Regusci winery was not always a winery. They raised cattle for consumption, pressed olive oil, and had a dairy farm. The Regusci business went through many stages in it’s lifetime. Below is a photo of the vintage glass bottles that they delivered to the doorsteps of their customers. (Notice the phone number on the bottle, 4Fi5.)

Translating my new experience into my own life…

I appreciated the time spent with Isabella Regusci and the time in Napa. It’s giving me some thought into how I would like my own life to be and the direction I want for Jade Chocolates. Jade Chocolates is approaching our 1st year anniversary and I’m grateful for how far I’ve taken the company. I have though, at times, complained about not getting bigger, farther and more well known to chocolate consumers. I live in a modern world where the norm is to the things done at a fast paced. I’m learning that it’s alright to go through a few stages in a business. It’s all a learning experience.

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