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Architecture to Chocolate: Drawing from Inspirations

August 29, 2009

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Don’t Touch My Roy’s Chocolate Souffle

July 27, 2008

Roy’s of Hawaii, which has several locations across the United States, gets my vote for best dessert of the year.  Roy’s famous Chocolate Souffle is so extraordinary, I refuse to share.  It comes hot to your table, fresh from the oven.  If you can’t wait like me, you’ll most likely to burn your tongue on the gooey sweet lava interior.  You’re forewarned on the dinner menu to order this dessert ahead of time as it’s made to order. I orginally came here for this past Mother’s Day dinner and was just craving to get another bite of this souffle. This dessert comes with a side of ice cream and a stream of raspberry sauce, which balances out the richness of the souffle.