Complete your party with
beverages to go

No gathering is complete without beverages. We offer a wide variety of delicious tea blends from Asia and the Pacific Islands. Our fresh-brewed coffee is a perfect addition to any event, party, or meeting. Our teas and coffees are catered in a convenient boxed caddy ready for service when you are.

This is a special order.  When ordering, please use the PDF catering form by clicking on the order form button. 

Tea Caddy

Convenient, portable, and filled with your choice of freshly steeped tea. It’s the perfect solution for whatever event you have planned. Each 96-ounce caddy serves eight 12-once cups and comes with complimentary cups, stirrers, sugar, milk. 

Coffee Caddy

If you’re in need of java, we have that too! Order as many as you need. They are very portable and ready to use when needed. Each 96-ounce caddy serves eight 12-once cups and comes with everything you need: cups, stirrers, sugar, milk.

Our delicious teas come in a choice of flavors:


- Creme Brulee & Almonds

- Creamy Earl Grey



- Sencha

- Coconut

- Lychee Rose

- Hojicha



- Chrysanthemum

- Red Moon Eclispe



- Monkey Pick Oolong

- Jasmine Oolong

- Blue People Oolong

- Serenity Wellness (Tisane)