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Our Production Process

Chocolate Bar Method:


After tempering the chocolate in our melter, we add our freshly ground teas and spices into the batch.   Our chocolate bars are individually piped into molds and then quickly put onto a shaker table which evens out the chocolates and rids the bars of air bubbles. The filled molds are put into the walk-in refrigerator for about 15 minutes to allow for the bars to harden.  After two days of curing, the bars are ready to be hand wrapped in our lokta signature paper.  

Truffle Making

Our truffle molds are airbrushed with cocoa butter, then a thin shell of chocolate is created by filling the mold with tempered chocolate then quickly tapping out the excess chocolate.  Next, we prepare our flavored chocolate ganache which is then hand piped into each mold.  After about 12 hours of crystallization, we add more tempered chocolate on top of each filled mold to seal the bottom of the truffle. The molds are put into a cooler with about 20 minutes which releases the chocolates.  Lastly, the molds are taken out of the cooler and flipped over to separate the finished products.   

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