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Best Apple Watch Series 6 SE Hidden Features, Tips Tricks

Today I bring you a guide witha few tricks, tips, and functions for WatchOS 7, the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system. WatchOS 7 brings some news that is worth reviewing, and there are some functions that we already explained in our WatchOS 6 guide that change completely when we eliminate the Force Touch, the gesture of keeping your finger pressed hard on the screen. Watch allow you to use apps of your iPhone like call recorder software, messengers etc. So here is a few tips for your Watch:

1. Activate or Deactivate The Handwashing Option

One of the main features of WatchOS 7 is that they have included a function that detects when you are washing your hands, and that sets a timer for you to do it during the time recommended by the WHO. You will be able to activate or deactivate handwashing depending on whether you see it useful or prefer to save a small battery spike.

On Apple Watch, press on the wheel and then hit the Settings app. Within the settings, now click on the Handwashing option. In here, you will have a lever to activate or deactivate it. Remember that you can also make these settings from your iPhone.

2. Use Multitasking to Switch Between Apps

Apple Watch also allows you to quickly switch between the latest apps you are using. To return to the application you used before, press the digital crown of the device twice in a row. Also, if you press the side button you will go to the so-called Dock, where you will see the multitasking view with the latest apps you have been using.

3. A direct Access to Your Favorite Apps

As we have told you in the previous point, if you click on the side button under the wheel you will go to the Dock, where the latest open apps are shown. However, you can configure the Dock to show a series of apps of your choice, a kind of list of favorite apps that you can edit to your liking.

Enter the Watch app on your iPhone. In my watch section, click on the Dock option. You will go to the Dock Sort screen, where you can select the Favorites option. Now, at the bottom, you will see the list of included apps, and you just have to click on the Edit button on the top right to choose which ones you want to be.

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