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Reasons for the popularity of fantasy

Fantasy today - one of the most popular genres, both among writers and readers. What are its peculiarities? What magic have unknown worlds, why they want to invent, why they want to write about them, why they want to read about them? Let's talk about the reasons to love the fantasy genre.

Why we like to read fantasy

Reason 1: "Tired of..."

Fed up with ordinariness, fed up with the drabness and monotony of life. Is it really the same everywhere? And if there's not enough fairy tale in life, can't you find it somewhere else? Why not? You can. In books. You buy, help with finance homework open, and immerse yourself in an unknown world of fiction, where there is, what you've been missing. A whirlwind of events, magic, strange creatures and, of course, true friendship and great love.

Reason 2: "What else is there to read?"

Indeed. Horrors, action movies, love stories, and detectives are on TV 24 hours a day. And books are what modern people read (no offense intended) more often than not not in order to refill the stock of knowledge, and in order to relax, to detach from the events, to forget for a while about the many problems, not to think about anything. The classics in this case are suitable for a few people. And a modern fantasy - as by the way. An easy read, and, by the way, against the background of the main character's problems, your own don't seem so terrible...

Reason 3: Kill time.

For example, in the subway or on the bus. When in front - a day of work and the sea of urgent matters, so as not to bore a whole hour in transport, and not to fill the head with morals, nightmares, metamorphosis blonde between two brunettes or another detective investigation. And for half an hour to plunge into a fairy tale.

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