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4 Secrets of Managing Multiple Assignments

When you split your time between assignments and co-curricular activities, you often get clueless about managing many projects. You can't deny that you have searched hundreds of times for coursework help to save you from the stress!

Even if you do so, you will spend your pocket money on unnecessary resources, and you need to call off your weekend plans!

So, why take the risk of opting for coursework help in the first place when you can do it yourself. Hence, check out these four tips now -

Priorities which task to do first

If you are sitting idle, simply wondering, 'Who will help me do my coursework?' - This won't help, apart from wasting time.

So, why don't you begin developing a list of the most crucial aspects of each project?

Next, write down the deadlines for each of the assignments. Once you assemble all this, you can figure out which one to write first.

Set time for each assignment

Time blocking is a valuable technique for increasing productivity, and it works especially well when you have multiple projects to manage.

It works by pushing you to set aside time during the day for a specific purpose and then sticking to it. Begin by scheduling time for just one assignment.

Nobody can break your determination when you fix it in your mind 'I need to write my coursework by today'. Hence, start with the assignment you feel more confident about. Once you begin, it will take a few hours, and you can move on to the next.

Organised your workload

Keep an eye on the list of your tasks.

Review your to-do list or project plans on the day of the week that you are most focused

You can also try online tools like 'Todoist', 'Microsoft To Do', 'Power Planner' etc., to digitally organise your work and stay ahead of your schedule.

Keep track of your progress

When you're managing too many assignments, it's all too easy to get behind!

Keep track of the time you spend on different activities.

Use features of time tracking software or simply make a note. You'll soon be able to see whether one project is taking up too much time and causing problems for the others.

Schedule a time each week to examine your work and take stock of where you are with each project (schedule a meeting with yourself as the sole participant).

Try these four hacks and multi-task your way out of the mess!

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