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A calming blend of super herbs that are used for helping with migraines, calming, constipation, dry coughs, liver inflammation, acne, kidney health, blood circulation, digestion, and insomnia.


With all the different ingredients of this tea, combined into a pleasant natural taste with citrus, flowers and herbal leaves makes a calming and hot tea. 

One of the top ingredients within this tea is: Monk Fruit. Monk Fruit is an ingredient not a lot of people are familiar with or have heard of. It is considered as a healthier version of the sweetener ‘Stevia’ and it is one of the reasons why the Serenity Wellness tea is sweet. . Some of the health benefits of Monk Fruit consists of keeping blood sugar levels stable, helps with weight loss and relieves sore throat and phlegms.




Monk Fruit, Chrysanthemum, Jujube, Mulberry Leaf, Goji Berry, Lotus Leaf, Siberian Solomon Seal, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Cardamon, Anise, Cloves, Rooibos.


Caffeine Level: None


Make: Add 1 TB of tea to 212F water for 4 minutes.  Can be steeped 3-4 times. 


Origin: Blended in the  USA



Serenity Blend Tisane

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