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Hojicha is a beautifully roasted Japanese green tea known for its pleasant toasty and roasted notes. This earthy amber colored tea is perfect to drink everyday. Try mixing hojicha with orange juice as part of your breakfast. This will cut the sweetness of the juice and add a mild roasted undertones to your morning beverage.  As a midday drink, add milk and ice for a pick me up latte.  Hojicha can even be used as an addition to your bar.  Blend with your favorite cocktail to add an earthy element to your drink. 

As an added bonus, the pleasant roasted flavor of hojicha tea pairs well with any of our chocolates.


Caffeine Level: Medium


Recommended Chocolate Pairing: Generally pairs well with all chocolates.  Our top 2 chocolate picks are Rice Paddies and a box of bon bons


Make: Use 1 tsp of tea per cup in 165F water for 3-4 minutes.  Can be used up to 5 times. 


Origin: Japan

Hojicha Green Tea

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