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The bright blue buds of the flower produce a very vivid blue toned tisane with a taste similar to an earthy, grassy green tea. Make Butterfly Pea Tea a showstopper at your next get-together.  Not only is the intense blue color of this tisane attractive, it’s got a trick up its sleeve. Add in a few drops of lemon juice and watch the tea instantly turn purple. The more lemon juice you add, the more the color changes to magenta and then pink. Other acidic juices like orange or pineapple also change the color of the tea to purple. Create the wildest mocktail or cocktail for your next party.


Caffeine Level: None


Make: Use 1 tsp per cup at 200F for 4 minutes.  Add an acid such as lemon, to change it's color from blue to pink.  


Origin: Southest Asia

Butterfly Pea Tea Tisane

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