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Baby Chrysanthemum buds boast a sweeter and more concentrated taste as compared to the common chrysanthemum. Comprising only the young buds of chrysanthemum flowers, this natural coolant is great for relaxation and releasing stress.


Enjoy a pot of baby chrysanthemum tea after a long and exhausting day. Enjoyed either hot or cold, the taste of this tea will remind you of clean cut grass and a fresh garden of natural floral aromas. Add a few drops of honey or lemon to boost the taste. A warm pot of this tea will help you get in a calming and serene mood for a good night’s sleep.


Best known for its effectiveness in treating skin problems and boosting immunity, a cup of this golden brown infusion postpones the aging process, lowers bad cholesterol and prevents high blood pressure.


Caffeine Level: None


Make: No boiling is required.  A simple infusion of water will release it's flavor. If warm water is favored, make with 160F water. 


Origin: China

Baby Chrysanthemum Tisane

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