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Indicate flavors in Bonbon Wish List: We will try our very best to accommodate your wishes, however, your truffle selection(s) may not be in stock. We will only add the freshest flavors available to you.


Gold Mountain Salted Caramel

Banana Caramel / Specoolus Cookie
Miso Caramel

Curry Caramel

Teas and Tisanes
Lychee Rose Green Tea

Coconut Paradise Green

Cardamom Chai

Jasmine Pearl White Tea

Fruits and Herbs
Lilikoi (Passion Fruit), 

Lucky Peach 
Kalamansi Lime

Thai Basil
Cherry Lemonade

Olive Oil Yuzu

Sakura Cherry Lemonade

Dairy Free

Mint Ginger
Peanut Buddha & Mango Jam 

A Few Others

Roasted Sesame

Sake Bomb

Consume within 14 days.

Mixed Box Bonbon Collection-24 pc

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