July 11, 2015

When I was scrolling through listings for summer jobs and internships, Jade Chocolates jumped out at me as I read Mindy Fong’s bio on the company’s web page. Mindy frequently cites her grandfather as essential to her success: “For me, it all starts with my grandfather....

February 2, 2010

My College Days

I tend to do things in pairs.  In college, I majored in Environmental Design but had a strong interest and love for culture and social issues.  So I took plenty of classes in African-American, Native American, Asian Art History and so on.  In fact, my se...

August 29, 2009

If it’s one thing that I took away from all my drawing, drafting and design classes is that color is a useful tool. 

Color can affect mood.  Red is an intense color which can stimulate your senses causing a faster hearbeat and breathing.  The effects of blue is opp...

August 10, 2009

I wish I could tell you the usual story. The kind of story where I could tell you I had full family support when I decided to step away from the design world and into the sweet world of chocolate. I’d be lying if I did. 

My father, esp...

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Architecture to Chocolate: Drawing from Inspirations

August 29, 2009

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