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65% bittersweet chocolate
roasted sesame seeds
lapang souchong
ground red

Good Food Awards Finalist

Tasting Notes: This bar has a sophisticated flavor profile with a distinctively different start, middle and finish. Your first bite into the chocolate releases the crunch of the toasted sesame & is immediately followed by the smokiness of the tea. The finish ends with a gentle punch of the red chili in the back of your throat.

Country of Inspiration: China
For wine drinkers, the Dragon's Breath bar pairs well with a spicy glass of red wine.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
AMAZING!I don't like very many chocolates. My cousin took me to a cooks convention a few years ago and they had Jade's chocolate there. I picked up this one and the green tea one, that one was also very, very delicious. However this one topped it off! I LOVE it! By far the best chocolate bar I've ever had, the taste is phenomenal and unique. You'll never find another one like it! Written by Geo on Wed 14 Jan 2015 5:33:32 AM GMT
Smokin' GoodThe Dragon's Breath is super multi-dimensional. Nice start, clean finish, BING BANG BING on my senses! Written by Seth on Sun 1 Apr 2012 7:10:16 AM GMT
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